Sunday, April 10, 2011

Deconstructing the Movies of George Lucas: part 4

The Spielberg directed/Lucas created Indiana Jones movies were influenced by action adventure matinee-serials, history, and archaeology. Common elements in the series deal with Nazis, the occult and supernatural artifacts. There are several documentaries about Hitler, Himmler and the Nazi’s obsession with the occult, specifically the dark side of the occult (Discovery Channel's Nazis: The Occult Conspiracy, Hitler’s Search for the Holy Grail, and National Geographic: Hitler and the Occult). Occultism deals with ancient hidden knowledge from various ancient cultures, mystery religions and mystery schools, and secret societies have carried down this ancient knowledge over thousands of years. Many key Nazis are said to have ties to occult secret societies such as the Vril, Thule, and Black Sun. Thule society member Dietrich Eckart was very influential to Hitler. The Thule society believed in the Aryan race and Hyperborea, or Atlantis, which was said to have had great technological weapons of mass destruction. I haven't found out if Hitler actually went after the Ark, but apparently he got the Spear of Destiny in Austria, supposedly giving him great power. Occultists reference ancient religions and cultures of the world such as Egyptian, various pagan, and the Hindu. The Hindu seemed to be particularly interesting for the Nazis (symbols like the swastika and talk about the Aryan race). Other occult symbols in Nazi imagery include the sig rune, fasces, swastika, black sun, torchlight marches, the may pole, promoting the ring logo and torch relay in the Olympics, etc. Heinrich Himmler was all over the occult, and in 1938, the SS Ahnenerbe traveled on an expedition to Tibet for “scientific research,” with the aim to prove the Aryan race with evidence. They returned with ancient Buddhist texts, mandalas, a robe of a lama as a gift to Hitler, and studies on roots of the Aryan race.

In Raiders of the Lost Ark, the ark’s powers are demonstrated by what looks like electrical bolts of lightning, and among other things, supernatural spirits. It affects the lamps and generators, fries people and melts their faces off. Researchers of the real ark have suggested it to actually be a portable Tesla-type electro-magnetic radioactive weapon of mass destruction of sorts. Author Laurence Gardner describes it as “an insulated, double-plated box with a positive and negative nodes at the top. That’s all it is. You have a 100,000 volt immediate electric capacitor.” Physicist Nassim Haramein points out that when ancient cultures speak of even more ancient cultures, like Atlantis, they destroyed themselves with these great powerful objects, and humans have re-discovered it as the ark we know, and we’ve been trying to figure out this technology all over again ever since. A primitive people's reaction to an incomprehensible technology would be to call it the power of god. He also suggests when the Biblical Moses had the power of the Ark as a guiding force in the exodus, it was really two things; 1) a sacred object, one of many, with another one possibly being the black stone of mecca, and this is really what pharaoh was chasing after him for, and 2) the container, the gold plated cherub noded capacitor container they were instructed to make later. Ancient texts describe it as lifting off, suggesting magnetic anti-gravity tech; the people would follow and settle wherever it settled, building a tabernacle and fence around it. Perhaps too many mishaps occurred where people touched it and got electrocuted, and therefore only the educated initiates would be allowed near it. Belloq put on Jewish priest garb believing he was knowledgeable enough to handle it, but was wrong. There are biblical references such as in Samuel1 and Chronicles1 that talk of a guy coming in from the battlefield where the ark was just used, his clothes torn and dust on his head. My interpretation is that people were vaporized with a death ray coming from the ark, which sounds not unlike Spielberg’s death ray in War of the World’s, and being Jewish, Spielberg was probably influenced by this “torn clothes and dusty” description in the old testament. In the book of Samuel, the ark is captured and taken to Dagon’s temple, and Dagon was found the next morning near the ark with its head and hands blown off, its body remained. Also, people around the vicinity were afflicted with tumors. This sounds like it was radioactive. In Raiders, the powdery material found inside the ark could’ve been so radioactive, it gave radioactive burns and melted faces off. For more recent and ground-breaking views and discoveries about other ancient Egyptian technology harnessing the energy of the earth, see Carmen Boulter’s excellent epic documentary The Egypt Code.

The Sankara stones of the Temple of Doom, I don't know too much about. The replica props have a hidden diamond inside one broken version, but I haven't researched more on that. Generally speaking, the ritualistic cults and ancient civilizations who practiced sacrifice share a common blood theme. Fear produced chemicals (endorphins?) in the blood, so when you drink it, you get a high. In general, rituals and chanting supposedly creates a vibrational energy in the air to conjure and bring about spirits and things from possibly inter-dimensions, good or bad (hmm, sounds like the church, eh eh...). This may tie in with Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, which has an Aztec/Mayan-looking culture worshiping inter-dimensional beings or gods.

The holy grail legend Parsifal and antisemitic Richard Wagner's music were favorites of Hitler. Last Crusade deals with the search for the holy grail. The Nazis saw themselves as “knightly,” talked about teutonic knights, knights of the round table. Heinrich Himmler’s Wewelsburg Castle was also called Camelot, and it even had a Grail room. He believed himself to be a king in a past life. He dealt with seers and fortune tellers and had a library of books on withcraft. The Ahnenerbe expedition ranged from the Canary Islands to search for Atlantis, Iran to search for evidence of Aryan kings, elongated skulls in Venezuela belonging to possibly Atlantians, grail hunting in Iceland, to searching for the Aryan race Tibet (although, personally I have no idea how Asian people resemble Aryans). The narrator of Hitler’s Search for the Holy Grail has some good closing remarks, “…it would be easy to dismiss...the scholars of the Ahnenerbe as a lunatic fringe, but that’s not how they were seen by the allies officers who interrogated them (at the Nuremberg trials). Their report ends by saying this, ‘It cannot be too strongly emphasized that this was not a crackpot organization. These were men of the highest caliber. Professors from the leading universities. Men of the caliber of the atom splitters and the V-bomb designers, engaged in a project to rewrite the past in order to influence the future course of history.” Interestingly, the doc also says most of the Ahnenerbe scholars and archaeologists went on with their careers after the war and became heads of departments of new institutions.

Kingdom of the Crystal Skull deals with the idea of ancient aliens. Normally mainstream media like the History Channel does not entertain alternative researchers, historians, and archaeological findings and anomalous evidence, but things are changing; recently they’ve produced the Ancient Aliens series, which feature the theory and evidence that ancient human civilizations were visited by beings from “the heavens” with vastly superior technology -- extra-terrestrials. This is the crux of 2001: A Space Odyssey (which I hope to deconstruct later). When ancient civilizations talked about astrology, sun-worship, godly powers, stars as guides, beings from heaven, they might as well be talking about aliens. Going further in the research, that would be even too far-out to go into right now, it would be more accurate to call them inter-dimensional beings or entities, as the Harold Oxley character does. This is, from what my research shows, albeit separately but one and the same, what the illuminati/freemasonry and all the spin-off secret societies are really about -- hidden knowledge of the universe and mankind's true history. The intiates of ancient mystery schools took lifetimes to learn this stuff because there's a lot to it. Perhaps, what happened to Cate Blanchett’s character is that her primitive brain wasn’t ready for the information overload, like a overheated computer.

Key figures of ancient alien theory are Erik von Daniken and Zacharia Sitchin. It does relate to illuminati bloodlines and therefore Nazi aryan beliefs, and the "bad guys" in this movie could probably have fit better as Nazis. Maybe involving the Nazi Bell project. Many US government secret black project whistleblowers, which can be heard on shows like Coast to Coast AM and seen on Project Camelot and Avalon’s Youtube channels, allude to the Roswell incident as a key moment where the US had captured a crashed craft, and ever since then has back-engineered that alien technology, spurring on the unusually accelerated scientific and technological growth of the 20th century. The household technological advances we enjoy today were rooted in military projects. The whistleblowers go into amazing depth describing the physics, technology, tests, experiments and experiences. They also go into the similarities with Tesla technology and the importance of it today because what we're talking about free energy; possibly breaking the world's "dependence" on oil.

THX 1138
Lucas expanded his college short film into this 1971 feature. This is a cautionary sci-fi tale about a world of technology, surveillance, physical and emotional suppression, and the hero‘s struggle to escape it. It has been compared the key dystopian works of 1984 and A Brave New World. A wave of other films like The Matrix, Brazil, and Dark City also involve this theme of waking up to learn your world and society is controlled, manipulated, suppressed, oppressed, and the struggle to break out of that system.

On the THX1138 director’s cut dvd, in the documentary “A Legacy of Filmmakers: The Early Years of American Zoetrope,” Lucas recalls that at Zoetrope “everyone was writing their scripts, everyone was hanging at the pool table drinking cappuccinos, and waxing philosophically about the new world order and everything…” From this quote and others, I believe that the American Zoetrope circle of filmmakers (Lucas, Milius, Coppola, etc.) were all over this subject of the new world order. It’s displayed in their films, to one degree or another (I plan on writing about Coppola and Milius later on as well). In the very briefest of explanations, the new world order refers to the secret agenda by global elitists over the ages to eventually create a one world government. With the idea of a pyramidal corporate hierarchy structure that's compartmentalized, it's not hard to grasp. Crucial elements include the IMF, World Bank, EU and UN. The UN’s agency UNESCO talks about things like the New International Economic Order, the New World Information and Communication Order, and Many Voices One World. Julian Huxley, brother of Aldous, was the first Director-General of UNESCO and wrote UNESCO: Its Purpose and Its Philosophy, which aims “to help the emergence of a single world culture with its own philosophy and background of ideas and with its own broad purpose,” and talks of “world unification,” reconciling things like “individualism vs. collectivism, capitalism vs. communism, Christianity vs. Marxism, east and west” and just plain “eschew dogma” and it's written all with a wonderful philanthropic utopian tone. UNESCO would educate the world to function as a world society by using education and mass media.

“And it seems to me perfectly in the cards that there will be within the next generation or so a pharmacological method of making people love their servitude, and producing…a kind of painless concentration camp for entire societies, so that people will in fact have their liberties taken away from them but will rather enjoy it, because they will be distracted from any desire to rebel by propaganda, brainwashing, or brainwashing enhanced by pharmacological methods.” This describes THX1138 pretty well, but it’s Aldous Huxley (author of the 1932 novel Brave New World) talking about the real world in a UC Berkeley interview in 1962. Also, Julian writes, “taking the techniques of persuasion and information and true propaganda that we have learnt to apply nationally in war, and deliberately bending them to be the international tasks of peace, if necessary utilizing them - as Lenin envisaged - to overcome the resistance of millions to desirable change.” He goes on to push “mass philosophy, a mass creed” by using drama, art, media and mass communication. Communists even called it comparable to communism. So, yeah, there was a backlash against this, but W. Bush brought us back in it.

Aldous’ grandfather biologist Thomas Huxley was called “Darwin’s bulldog” because he heavily promoted the theory of natural selection. And eugenicists believe in selective breeding to improve the human race. Unnatural selection, if you ask me. Julian was head of the British Eugenics Society and like other eugenicists, made comments that seemed to view the lower-class as genetically inferior, shouldn’t have easy access to medical care and should even be sterilized. You can see how this ties in with illuminati/secret society beliefs (Aldous was in the Vedanta society and loved the drugs) in the idea of bloodline racial superiority -- it justifies things in their eyes. Writing with philanthropic well-wishing utopian language, they call for a controlled, depopulated, conditioned, drugged-up, obedient, mindless slave, collective society to benefit mankind. This really describes the world of THX1138. Visually the point is driven home as Lucas had everyone shaved and bald, making them androgynous and stripping them of their individuality.

Was Brave New World a cautionary tale, or a blueprint for the agenda? What are the real-world signs today? They push the vaccines like crazy, but many people today are refusing the vaccines with concern regarding the harmful effects it has caused in certain people. People are refusing GMO foods they push, as we see the rise in popularity in organic food. Protests are rising against additives like fluoride in the tap water and chemtrails in the sky. Every other commercial being an anti-depressant SSRI drug or erection pill gives big pharma big business. They, as corporations do, have high influence in politics, lobbying and writing the bills and legislation. Nazis, the US and CIA have done tests and has released chemicals and diseases on its own citizens and people around the world for years. And we wonder why there’s an increase in autism, cancer, and other diseases...

To quote Thomas Jefferson, “If the people let government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in a sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny.” Well, we have the Food Safety Modernization Act now, which increases the policing of food. Just saying. In THX1138, LUH dares to refuse the mandatory drugging, which awakens feelings, gets her soul back, and gets her partner THX to feel feelings for the first time also.

One of the most important lines in the movie is one of the subtlest, but I think should be emphasized. THX‘s hologram dude says, “How shall the new environment be programmed? It all happened so slowly that…most men failed to realize that anything had happened at all.” This explains how people consent to change, or simply don't care. Over time, slowly, people adapt with societal changes and don‘t notice because it happens over generations. Soviet defector Yuri Bezmenov, explains that by ideological subversion and psychological warfare, the aim is for “demoralization. It takes between 15-20 years to demoralize a nation…this is the minimum number of years it takes to educate one generation of students in the country of your enemy. Expose to the ideology of the enemy. In other words Marxists, Leninism ideology is being pumped into the soft heads of at least 3 generations of American students.” And countries around the world are systematically taken over by stealthy infiltration of government by banks and corporations, over generations, so that the new generation is unaware or less aware of what legislation changes or events happened in the previous generation to get a government to be at a certain point. In THX1138, people are living underground for so long, perhaps from a WW3 nuclear fall-out, that generations it seems have never seen the sun or the outside world. Towards the end of the film, as THX gets closer to the surface, there are mutated humans; “shell dwellers.”

In the THX1138 commentary, Walter Murch explains that it’s a consumerist society where people buy things they don’t need, just to “buy things.” THX buys a red “dendrite” cube, goes home and puts it in a bin to be recycled into another dendrite. Maybe the action pacifies their needs and wants, while also feeding the corporate monster. The corporations become so big, they basically run governments. The new world order goal has been described as a one world corporate-ocracy, by author Daniel Estulin. For more on the development of this consumerist society watch documentary The Century of the Self, which deals with Edward Bernays, nephew of Sigmund Freud, and his role in advising both government and advertising, using psychological techniques in public relations, propaganda, etc.

The world on THX1138 is a police state; cold and faceless, but with a strange pleasant voice, "What's wrong?". Their words are helpful and “for your own good” in feeling. It resembles the tone of UNESCO, written about earlier. It strangely resembles everything that comes out of the Homeland Security and the TSA. They have wallmart and hotel PSAs. They want to deploy FAST , VIPER teams, portable watchtowers and portable body scanners. Obama renewed the main parts of the USAPATRIOT act. Surveillance is also a key issue in THX1138, where a control room had tabs on everyone’s whereabouts and bio-functions. The RFID microchip was on the table for awhile, talked a lot about by Katherine Albrecht and seen in IBM RFID chip commercials, and now they have eye-scans and bio-metric scans. The UK and USA are one of the top surveilled societies, not because of crime or terrorism, but because it keeps you scared and submissive. DARPA and the CIA created internet. Internet and media corporations are merging left and right. Facebook and GOOGLE, having worked with governments, constantly brag about knowing you so well, where you are, and what you‘re doing. Watch Frontline’s Spying on the Home Front. Google’s motto is “Don’t be evil.” Hm, well, I say evil is subjective with corporations and governments.

On a lighter note, THX1138 character manages to escape by courage and determination, climbs out and sees the glorious sun and birds. He also is let go by the cops because the corporate police state overran their budget in chasing him. Maybe they do have a weakness. Maybe they do have limits to their power. But it only takes one to start the revolution. Lucas: "The film is about a hero that lives in an anthill and dares to go outside, to do something different, to move away from the status quo."